Here are Torrie’s social media updates since our last update on 11/14:

Also on the 15th, Torrie answered a few tweets in addition to my Happy Birthday from her!

When a fan shared a photo of Torrie dressed as John Cena (rapper John) and asked what Torrie was doing in that picture, Torrie responded: “Umm no idea! But guessing I was trying trying to be cool like him!”

When fitness model Gianna Miceli shared a photo of Torrie wearing specific boots and asked where Torrie got them, Torrie responded: “Ralph Lauren! One of my faves : )”

When a fan tweeted support for Torrie’s boyfriend against recent reports circling, Torrie responded: “cheers to that!!!”

When a fan shared a photo of him with Torrie (whom he met at the Mariano Rivera event they both attended last week), Torrie responded: “great to meet you!!!”

Speaking of that event, good ol JR, Jim Ross tweeted to Torrie: “You look better than ever! Hope all’s well. We miss you.” following her posting the photo she took at the event and had posted. Torrie responded back to him: “thanks JR! Miss you!!!”

11/16: Torrie posted a quote photo on Instagram “Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness” with the caption: “This world can be dark & ugly at times…but the people who shine the brightest are those who never let the darkness affect their love of God and inner joy. #shineyourlight #dontletdarknessdimyou #usethedarktoshinebrighter #YOUareastar”

UPDATE 11/17: Torrie posted a photo on Instagram of her with her nephew and boyfriend’s two daughters with the caption: “In the backseat with all my little buddies today! Two birthdays to celebrate! #lovethem #meltmyheart”

UPDATE 11/19: Torrie posted a photo on Instagram of an alligator or crocodile, can’t tell but with the caption: “This guy is a little too close for comfort! But I still leaned over for a pic anyway #handsomefella”

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Torrie Anne Wilson, 45, is a fitness icon, model, actress and retired American professional wrestler. She is best known for her tenures in WCW & WWE, where she worked on their various brands throughout her 10 year run. Aside from wrestling, Torrie has been on the cover of various magazines, including Oxygen, FHM and Playboy, which she posed for twice. Torrie has also appeared on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here reality show as well as several other television shows. She has also ventured into business via the fashion & clothing industry. Torrie is currently a health coach for in addition to other miscellaneous projects. She became a WWE Hall of Famer in 2019. MORE >>>



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