Dec 31 2013
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Firstly, I would like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of our visitors and to Torrie! Secondly, check out our BRAND NEW 2K14 REVAMP! So excited to share something truly wonderful for our visitors! I am still in the process of tweaking some things so stay tuned for any changes!

Be sure to REFRESH to see all changes! After you have smiled from ear to ear in amazement after viewing all that’s here, you’re probably wondering where a lot of the side bar went to but don’t worry, as you can see the updates are in blocks and can be easily viewed and accessed so a lot of the side bar will be incorporated into news posts for easy access and viewing! Please stay tuned in the new year as there is SO MUCH more coming to, your #1 online source for Torrie Wilson!

Thank you to all of our visitors for keeping going strong and to Torrie as well! I hope Torrie and all who visit have a prosperous new year!

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