Jan 24 2014
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Comments Off on Torrie Wilson: “I Love Justin Bieber” – No Beef Here!

Normally, I would not have a reason to post about Justin Bieber, who seems to be on everyone’s tongue since his headline making news yesterday, but an innocent tweet Torrie made has garnered a lot of attention and people seem to be making it out to be negative. Torrie first expressed her concern for Justin’s particular incident, mentioning a previous drag racing crash that involved wrestling icon Hulk Hogan’s son.

She did also say she was glad everyone was okay (which includes Justin) but the web took it as a jab at Bieber. Torrie later clarified that she “loved Justin Bieber”. So for anyone making it into something it is not, there’s no beef here! A lot of others have said far worse things, unfortunately, about the young pop star.

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