Apr 19 2014
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This past week, Torrie reached a social media milestone on Facebook by hitting the 500,000 LIKES mark! She posted about it on Facebook & Twitter. Also, she has surpassed 400,000 followers on Twitter and 60,000 on Instagram. You can follow those accounts as those 3 are the ones she is most active on. She has a MySpace & eBay but they have been inactive for years in addition to her fitness blog that she hasn’t posted on in awhile but perhaps might in the future. Be sure to follow her accounts to stay up to date by the minute on Torrie Wilson & stay tuned for the latest at Torrie-Wilson.org! Torrie’s only other social media update this week was about the new Barre 3 workout she did with her friend when visiting the headquarters in Portland, Oregon. I assume she is back in California now.

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