Aug 17 2014
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Torrie recently did some cross country traveling back in July but as of August she has been back in California to resume work on some upcoming projects. She has posted a couple real social media posts but not many as she has been very busy but has actively been on her new website Check out her activity from the week below.

08/11: I LOVE Mondays because every Monday is an opportunity to start a great week! Some new #MotivationMonday pics : )
08/12: So sad to hear about Robin Williams. A reminder to cherish those we love and LIVE IN THE MOMENT. Don’t miss your life. We will all go. #LoveFirst
Time for some exercise! Find the best routine for you … here’s how some celebs stay #fit! #torriesfunfinds #fitness
08/13: It’s #WorkoutWednesday! It’s in the stars for you to exercise today – what does your #zodiac sign say? #torriesfunfinds
08/14: No social media updates from this day.
08/15: Happy Friday!!! Some of my fave fitness photos, all from my Instagram account! #torriesfunfinds #fitness #fitspo
08/16: Kids and dogs are so cute together! Love these! #torriesfunfinds #cute
08/17: Lazy Sunday? You can relax and still burn calories! Some easy ways : ) #torriesfunfinds #healthy #fitness

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