Oct 03 2014
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If you follow us on social media, you will know we will be kicking off a week long celebration of WWE Smackdown leading up to its 15th Anniversary on October 10th! Today we get things under way with Torrie’s official WWE debut which happened to be on Smackdown! On June 28, 2001, the WWE audience was introduced to Miss. Wilson and instantly fell in love! Torrie went on to be Smackdown’s reigning Queen during the brand split and arguably the greatest and most memorable Diva in Smackdown history! She certainly helped put Smackdown on the map as well as its women’s division! Smackdown was even where Torrie ended her nearly 8 year WWE career back in 2008. Check out Torrie’s WWE debut and Smackdown debut as she scares Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kurt Angle and seems to make them jealous as well as she attempts to ask Mr. McMahon for a job! View Television Captures | Watch Video

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