Nov 09 2014
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Torrie posted a few new social media updates this week and has posted on her website Check out the updates below!

11/03: Such a great time this weekend at Rhode Island Comic Con! Meeting all of you keeps me motivated, so here are some #MotivationMonday pics for you guys! xoxoxo
11/04: “Do not let anything that happens in life be important enough that you’re willing to close your heart over it.” – Michael A. Singer. Never give up on yourself. #Love #Laughter #Happiness #Joy #Heart #Soul #Journey #InnerEnergy
Happy Election Day! Make sure you get out and vote today, wherever you live! Speaking of voting … who here is your favorite diva? Share this with your friends and tell me your favorite! #torriesfunfinds
11/05: I LOVE Phenix Salon Products, and am proud to be one of their spokespeople. Feel free to check out some pix from our photoshoots and share with your friends!
11/06: #ThrowbackThursday time! I added more pix from past photoshoots to my gallery. Take a look, tell me your favorites and share with your friends! xoxo
11/07: #FlashbackFriday! I went back and added more pics, all that I’ve posted on my social pages from the past few years. SCroll through and I think you’ll see some familiar faces! Have a great weekend!! xoxo
11/08: Who’s your favorite diva? Share with your friends! #torriesfunfinds #strongsmartsexy
11/09: No social media or website posts from this day!

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