Feb 10 2015
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Torrie’s BFF Lisa Marie Varon aka Victoria was recently on Jim ‘JR’ Ross’ podcast: The Ross Report. Lisa Marie mentioned Torrie briefly during the interview. Lisa Marie talks about when they first met back in the late 90’s and it is fitting as they are friends all these years later as they recently spent the weekend together at the Fit Expo in Los Angeles, California!

Lisa Marie mentioned she wasn’t a fan of wrestling growing up. It was foreign to her until she started watching when Torrie got involved in WCW and that’s when she was introduced to it at a very late age. She and Torrie competed in fitness competitions and were apart of the same sponsor group. Represented Oxygen and a water company. They got very close, very quickly.

She tells a story of when they first met and she thinks she scared Torrie because Lisa is very dramatic and loud and Torrie’s a quiet girl. She said Torrie was a bit stand offish with her. Lisa would be so loud and ecstatic about things and Torrie was probably thinking wow this chick is crazy. They’re still friends to this day. JR adds Torrie’s great. And he thinks the world of her.

On how she actually got into wrestling, she met up with Chyna in a gym and mentioned that she might know her two friends Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus and that’s when she was given the information and encouragement to be a wrestler.

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