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11/16: Make your healthy body the sexiest outfit you own. #NoNeedForExpensiveClothes #WellMaybeSometimes #TorrieWilsonFit.Com #ComingSoon #justintimefornewyearsresolutions
11/17: Be present. Savor your now. We never get today back. #BePresent #OpenYourEyes #NowMattersMore #FitMind #FitBody #TorrieWilsonFit
11/18: A little late but can’t have #TorrieTuesday without a pic! Between shots with @perbernalphoto – #Silouette #FeelingTheSassyICanTell #TryingNotToLookBehindMe #HeEvenMakesABetweenTheShotsPicLookGood
11/19: Happy #HumpDay you #Sexy loveys! Please do 2 things today 1.) Do something that scares you. 2.) Laugh out loud at yourself at least once. And please document & tag me when you do number 1! Uneditedby:@perbernalphoto
11/20: #TBT This one’s an oldie! I’m guessing 2002. We were on the road for 3 weeks straight and we got a little pool time in #Singapore #WWE #TravelingLife #HumungousBoobsHereGeez @official_wwe_network_
11/21: #ItAllStartsWithYouBaby Our mind can be our greatest weapon or our worst enemy. It all starts with our thoughts and where we allow them to go. We make up crazy ‘what if’s’ all day long and if we let them fester we start to believe them as real! Then we start treating ppl accordingly because we carry those negative stories around and it breaks down relationships. We say we can’t do something..well we are setting ourself up for that. Say we can and believe it, then yes we can. This is why it’s important to keep our head focused on good, happy badass stories and form our reality around that! If we are going to make stuff up, let’s make that stuff good! #DeepThoughtsByTorrie lol
11/22: Mi Amore’! The Chi-Chi’s look of #Love melts my heart. #SweetDreams #bffs
#SundayMode #FitBody #FitMind #Fitness #Health #Love #LoveYou
11/23: No social media updates.
11/24: #Strength #YouAreWhatYouSayYouAre #WhatAreYou? #TorrieTuesday
11/25: Lord, if I’m ever ungrateful, forgive me.
11/26: It’s not #Thanksgiving without a #TurkeyTrotPacificPalisades @focus_magazine_ @sandrataylor1
Happy Thanksgiving! About to eat my yummy creations..and feeling grateful. Hope you enjoy your day.
11/27-30: No social media updates.

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Torrie Anne Wilson, 45, is a fitness icon, model, actress and retired American professional wrestler. She is best known for her tenures in WCW & WWE, where she worked on their various brands throughout her 10 year run. Aside from wrestling, Torrie has been on the cover of various magazines, including Oxygen, FHM and Playboy, which she posed for twice. Torrie has also appeared on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here reality show as well as several other television shows. She has also ventured into business via the fashion & clothing industry. Torrie is currently a health coach for in addition to other miscellaneous projects. She became a WWE Hall of Famer in 2019. MORE >>>



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