Torrie has feuded with a lot of fellow Divas (and had friendships) but these were some of her biggest and most memorable…

01. Stacy Keibler – Torrie and Stacy first got their start back in WCW, where they were friends and came to the WWE as friends. They eventually turned on one another. They had one of the best feuds in WWE Diva history but also of Torrie’s feud history. These two gave fans some of the most memorable matches and moments up until Stacy left in 2005 (2000-2006). Outside the ring, they are best friends (2000-2012).

02. Dawn Marie – Torrie and Dawn Marie first got their start back in 2002. Like Stacy, these two have given fans memorable matches and moments including the first girl on girl kiss! The girls started out as enemies, becoming friends at one point but it didn’t last long before they were at each other again. Torrie feuded with Dawn up until she left in 2005 (2002-2005). Outside the ring, the two keep in touch (2002-2012).

03. Sable – Torrie and Sable first got their start in 2003. Like the two before, these two have also given fans memorable matches and moments. It will probably will go down as the sexiest feud in WWE history. The two start off as Playboy rivals and were friends briefly to dawn the pages of Playboy together before turning on each other again (2003-2005). Outside the ring, Torrie and Sable never got along (no relationship).

04. Candice Michelle – Torrie and Candice first got their start in 2005 and started out as friends. The two formed a trio with Victoria (see below) but eventually Candice/Victoria turned on Torrie. It didn’t last long before Torrie/Candice sided against Victoria. The two remained friends up until Torrie left in 2008 (2005-2008). Outside the ring the two are best friends (2005-2012).

05. Victoria – Torrie and Victoria first got their start in 2005 when Torrie joined Candice/Victoria. It ended after a while when Candice posed for Playboy & they turned on Torrie. (Victoria eventually turned on Candice.) They continued to the end of 2007, one of Torrie’s last feuds in her WWE career. Her last match was against Victoria (2005-2007). Outside the ring the two are best friends. Torrie knew Victoria during her modeling days (1998-2012).

06. Trish Stratus – Torrie and Trish first got their start in 2001 and feuded during the Invasion. She feuded against Trish during her days with Victoria/Candice. When they turned on Torrie, she teamed with Trish here and there until Trish left in 2006 (2001-2006). Outside the ring, the two are on good terms. They met each other during their modeling days. Torrie attended Trish’s wedding in 2006.

06. Lita – Torrie and Lita first got their start back in 2001, along with Trish, she feuded Lita during the Invasion. They didn’t really have much interactions with one another until 2006 when Lita was heel. The two were never really on the same team (2001-2006). Outside the ring, the two are on good terms. Torrie said Lita was offish at first but eventually came around. They both share a love for dogs.

08. Ashley Massaro – Torrie and Ashley first got their start in 2005, along with Candice/Victora, while part of Vince’s Devils, the trio took Ashley to school in one of Ashley’s first feuds. She had various matches with Torrie and various tag team matches. The two had a few matches being on the same team against opponents. (2005-2007). Torrie has no relationship outside of the ring with Ashley although she has said she’s a nice person.

09. Nidia – Torrie and Nidia first got their start early in Nidia’s career. The two had a funny feud. While on Smackdown, Torrie was the #1 babyface on Smackdown feuding the likes of Nidia, Dawn Marie, Sable and others, see below (2002-2005). Outside the ring, the two are on good terms. Torrie has said that Nidia is a nice person and always wanted to help her have great matches together.

10. Mickie James – Torrie and Mickie first got their start in 2005. The two feuded while Torrie was apart of Vince’s Devils. Torrie had her fair share of matches with Mickie James and various tag matches against each other but did have tag matches where they were on the same team (2005-2007). Outside the ring the two are on good terms. Torrie has said that Mickie is a nice person and always had her back behind the scenes in the WWE.

11. Melina – Torrie and Melina first got their start in 2005. One of Melina’s first feuds was against Torrie. After that brief period, Torrie didn’t really have much interaction with Melina besides either being in tag team matches against her or on the same team (2005-2007). Outside the ring Melina had a lot of problems with a lot of the women but for the most part she and Torrie are on good terms.

12. Others – Torrie has briefly feuded others like Jacqueline, Shaniqua, Hiroko, Jillian and Krissy Vaine and never was on the same team as them. Others she has briefly feuded at one point but were also on the same team as at some point included: Ivory, Molly Holly, Miss. Jackie, Maria, Kelly Kelly, Brooke Adams and Layla. Outside of the ring she is on good terms with all.

Other Divas who were her friend or she tagged with, ones she never feuded with included: Beth Phoenix, Michelle McCool, Sharmell, Kristal, Vickie Guerrero and Stephanie McMahon. Outside the ring Torrie is good friends with Michelle McCool, Sharmell and Vickie Guerrero. She is also on good terms with Stephanie McMahon and has no real relationship with Beth/Kristal.

The above were her feuds during her time in WWE. She has also feuded/friended other women during her time in WCW. In her shoot DVD, Torrie had said she respects people unless they disrespect her. She talked of some of the Diva Search girls not being so nice but those were weeded out pretty quickly and she never really had any interactions with them in the ring.

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Torrie Anne Wilson, 45, is a fitness icon, model, actress and retired American professional wrestler. She is best known for her tenures in WCW & WWE, where she worked on their various brands throughout her 10 year run. Aside from wrestling, Torrie has been on the cover of various magazines, including Oxygen, FHM and Playboy, which she posed for twice. Torrie has also appeared on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here reality show as well as several other television shows. She has also ventured into business via the fashion & clothing industry. Torrie is currently a health coach for in addition to other miscellaneous projects. She became a WWE Hall of Famer in 2019. MORE >>>



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