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A lot of people have questions about Torrie and the best way I can answer is to watch her shoot interview DVD and learn everything you need to know about Torrie’s career. You can pick up a copy at — I cannot provide more information as I am not affiliated with this company, however, the below paragraphs and questions are from their website and I went through each question and gave a brief answer that Torrie gives so PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS REVIEW WITHOUT PROPER PERMISSION OR CREDIT OF TORRIE-WILSON.ORG — This is strictly a read review for visitors.


From “Torrie Wilson, one of wrestling’s most beautiful Divas sat down with RF VIDEO to conduct her first ever shoot interview! For the first time ever you will get a chance to understand the girl that lies beneath the makeup, glitz and glamour as Torrie walked us through her entire career. Coming into wrestling from a background of fitness competitions and modeling, Torrie described what it took to be successful in those arenas and compared them to the grueling world of professional wrestling. Going straight into the WCW madhouse, Torrie was around all the big names and controversial events and was more than willing to share her thoughts on all of them. Vince Russo. Eric Bischoff. Hulk Hogan. Randy Savage. Scott Steiner. Kevin Nash. Ric Flair. David Flair. Eddie Guerrero. Shane Douglas. The names and stories come fast and furious. We asked Torrie about the rumors of Kimberley Page being jealous of other girls’ success. Who helped her the most? What were the politics like? How hard was it being a women in such a testosterone filled workplace? How did her romance with Billy Kidman start? We also got Torrie’s reactions to some of the crazy gimmick matches she was a part of, including being in a cage and on top of a scaffold.

Torrie talked about her transition to the WWE and what type of impressions all the Superstars made upon her. Trish Stratus. Lita. Vince McMahon. Stacy Kiebler. Tajiri. Dawn Marie. Al Snow. Kurt Angle. Nidia. The Undertaker. Jamie Noble. Sable. Billy Gunn. Triple H. Stephanie McMahon. Carlito. Victoria. Candice Michelle. Every major angle and storyline is covered. We asked Torrie point blank about how her family felt about her being in Playboy as well as how it changed her life. Torrie was there to see the fight between Booker T and Batista and gave us her reaction. The shoot also became very emotional when the subject of Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit came up. This is one DVD where you’ll get an interesting comparison between the workings of WCW and WWE from someone who was in both companies during some truly remarkable times.

As an exciting bonus, we’ve also included a mini edition of FACE OFF with Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie! That’s right, you’ll also getting a bunch of behind the scene stories by two of wrestling’s most well remembered females as they sat together and answered questions about their shared time in WWE. Their favorite angles. Their favorite matches. Their favorite Vince McMahon stories and much, much more. A truly fun segment! An overall great DVD for Torrie Wilson fans!


Q: How did you get started in wrestling?
A: I was not a fan growing up. I came from a small town but heard of Hulk Hogan. I moved from Boise to Los Angeles to persue acting and modeling. I became friends with someone who knew the wrestlers and went to a show with my boyfriend who was a big fan and got backstage and they asked me if I wanted to be apart of the show.

Q: What was your background in fitness and modeling?
A: I went to Los Angeles and New York to model and had an eating disorder. I share this because it has really helped girls and I started looking at fitness models and started following their plans and decided to compete.

Q: Was the training difficult in fitness competitions?
A: It was hard but not as hard as wrestling. I had a tough time pulling myself up over walls because I’m not very strong.

Q: Compare the sport to wrestling as far as politics, etc?
A: There were a lot of politics and I guess like wrestling it could help or hurt you.

Q: Were you a fan before you got involved
A: I wasn’t a fan, my boyfriend was and I thought it was cheesey. It wasn’t until I went to a live show and really got into it. I had a preconcieved notion of how wrestlers were.

Q: What was the biggest preconceived notion you had about wrestling?
A: I thought they just walked around like big men burping and farting.

Q: Was it hard understanding the dynamics of the locker room or politics at first?
A: *Laughs* I still doesn’t understand it. It’s hard back there. I she cried a lot. I didn’t know what I was getting into.

Q: Did you sense any jealousy early on from the girls in WCW?
A: Early on I did because of the differences in travel but once they realized I was a nice girl, I got along with all of them.

Q: Was it a fulltime gig at first or just part time?
A: I was offered to do a few shows but once I got popular they offered me a contract. I was torn at first because I wanted to act and model but figured this is what God wanted me to do.

Q: Memories of Scott Steiner?
A: *Laughs* He was there my first night and asked if I wanted to walk him to the ring. The crowd was crazy and he grabbed my ass. My first thought of welcome to wrestling! He never really liked me and was out to get me, maybe because I turned him down but I know he doesn’t like me and talks a bunch of crap about me.

Q: Some ex WCW female talent say Kimberly Page was jealous of other girl’s success, do you agree?
A: I don’t think it was jealousy, just protective of her spot. She was gorgeous and had a perfect body. Because I didn’t understand the business, I offended her when I complained about traveling and Kim would get mad at me for saying it.

Q: Initial impressions of Vince Russo?
A: I heard about what he had done for WWF/E. I was excited to meet and work with him. I thought he was going to turn around WCW. I started doing my homework and would watch WWF because people chanted Sable at me and I’m like who is Sable? He never did give me any good storylines. *Laughs*

Q: Initial impressions of Kevin Nash?
A: He is the reason I was hired in WCW. He followed my fitness career and he was really the one who spearheaded the whole thing. I have him to thank for all of this.

Q: Was it hard learning to do promos?
A: Well, *laughs*, I’m still not good at that. I try to trash talk but I’m horrible at that. My stuff with David Flair was so bad.

Q: Who mentored you or helped you most?
A: No, not really.

Q: How bad were you hit on when you first came into WCW?
A: Um, I’m the wrong person to ask because someone could be hitting on me and I wouldn’t even know it. I was so shy and I was so scared, I would hide in the lockerroom and I know I got heat for that. I was walking looking down and no one ever said you need to go shake peoples’ hands but it was so intimidating.

Q: How did your life change once you started getting some notoriety?
A: I had no idea what I was getting into. I would get off airplanes and there would be like 30 guys standing there. It was unexpected and weird for sure. I was followed by fans and they’d knock on my hotel door. It was freaking me out. Sometimes it was very scary.

Q: Did you train in the power plant at all?
A: I did in WCW but I had no desire to wrestle. I did not want to be a wrestler but we were forced to go down there. The drills were hard. I cried everyday I was there. Stacy and I told them we didn’t want to wrestle but it didn’t really matter. Bumping did not come natural to me but after a year or 2 in the WWE I learned.

Q: Who came up with the whole Samantha gimmick in WCW?
A: It was Kevin Nash but they only said it once and next week they didn’t.

Q: Memories of working with David Flair?
A: He is such a sweet guy. He didn’t know what he was in for either. My heart goes out to him because what large shoes he has to fill. He really did try. He wasn’t ready for that spot.

Q: Memories of working with Ric Flair?
A: I love Ric! He is such a great guy and brings the party. Every time I see him, he would see me and go WOOOOO TORRIE WILSON!

Q: Memories of working with Vince Russo on angles?
A: I don’t really remember working with him. I had no advice to give on angles because I didn’t know what I was doing.

Q: Impressions of Hulk Hogan?
A: He’s such a great guy. My first agent was Hulk’s agent and he would say take care of Torrie for me. He took me under his wing and protected me not that there was anything to be protected from. He’d invite me to dinner with the guys.

Q: Thoughts on Hogan Knows Best?
A: It was a good show and sad about what happened to the family afterward.

Q: Was it hard to date a boyfriend outside of wrestling once you got in it?
A: Definitely, it was very difficult because your life is consumed by wrestling.

Q: Memories of your feud with Randy Savage and George?
A: I don’t really remember working with them. Someone told me that she didn’t like me but I don’t know what I ever did.

Q: Was Randy obsessed with George?
A: I remember hearing stories but I don’t really know as they were just stories.

Q: Did you ever take an interest in really learning how to wrestle or were you content on being outside of the ring?
A: When I went to WWE, Vince asked me and I said I didn’t want to be full time but I wanted to learn. Fit Finlay helped her a lot and it was fun for her then. People say how I’m a horrible wrestler and it really hurt but I poured my heart into my wrestling.

Q: How did you wind up with the Filthy Animals?
A: I don’t know. One day they just told me I was going to be their manager and I don’t know *laughs*.

Q: Thoughts on Konnan?
A: He’s awesome. He’s a tell you how it is, I always got along great with him.

Q: Initial impressions of working with Billy Kidman?
A: Hey seemed coy and not intimidating. He was funny, I guess that is what attracted me to him.

Q: How did that develop into a romance?
A: Just working with him and seeing his humor, how realtionships start.

Q: Did your romance ever make things difficult for you in either WCW or WWE?
A: It did but he protected me from how horrible the business can be. If it weren’t for him, I would’ve been out of wrestling along time ago. He taught me the ins and outs and made it easier for me.

Q: Memories of Eddie Guerrero?
A: He was such a great guy, so genuine. He has so much wrestling experience and knowledge and he never treated me as a dumb girl. He told me I got everything and needed to put more sexuality into it *laughs* and he was into what others did. He lived in Tampa for awhile when I did and we talked waiting for the airplane and I consider him a mentor.

Q: Memories of being in the shark cage?
A: The what? *Laughs* I don’t remember! *Laughs*

Q: Memories of refereeing Kim and Asya?
A: Oh gosh, that was the first thing I did when Vince Russo came back and I was in a bikini. I was so uncomfortable trying to keep my bikini on.

Q: You left WCW for a little while after the angle where you were caught with Eddie in the dressing roo m. What happened?
A: I signed a 2 year contract but they can change the contract within a year and wanted to cut my pay in half but work double and that’s not the only thing that made me mad, office people were trying to give me heat by telling other girls what I made and I guess that was my cue to go. I never went back to WCW, that was when WWE bought it and Vince mentioned he was interested.

Q: Memories of working with Paisley in cat fights?
A: Yeah *laughs* It’s so much different when you have no clue what you’re doing. It was fun and she’s one of my good friends.

Q: Memories of your angle where Hogan kissed you?
A: Oh gosh, I remember the night and he was all bloody. It was really, really gross. I thought I could get through it until I saw all the blood and I’m like oh my gawd but it was Hulk Hogan!

Q: Memories of the whole feud with you guys and Hulk?
A: It was a great thing for Kidman

Q: Who’s idea was it to put you with Hulk and turn you?
A: I’m trying to think. I don’t remember

Q: How did you wind up with Shane Douglas?
A: I don’t really remember but he was with Francine and he petitioned for a manager and asked me and I said why not, sounds great. He really did try to teach me and explain to me why I was going to be doing things.

Q: Memories of working with Daffney?
A: She is such a cute girl and I heard she’s been doing awesome. I remember people on whether they were good or not and not so much their wrestling ability.

Q: Memories of the scaffold match?
A: *Laughs* oh no, it was horrendous. I was so worried about Billy. Madusa told me if I messed up, she was throwing me off too and I was scared of heights. *Laughs*

Q: What do you remember about when WCW released you?
A: I remember it was nice seeing part of the country, making money and going back to Los Angeles to do what I wanted to do.

Q: Did you think your career in wrestling was over?
A: My life wasn’t over, I wasn’t considering WWE at the time but my life wasn’t always about wrestling.

Q: How soon did you have talks with the WWE?
A: I moved from Los Angeles to Tampa with Billy Kidman (Pete) and they called him and he said I live with Torrie, can she come and they’re like yeah sure! I met with Jim Ross and made the deal.

Q: Initial impressions of Vince?
A: He has such a presence. He can change peoples’ lives with a snap of a finger. It was intimidating but exciting. He is so great about making stars. They told us about the Invasion angle but I knew I’d be with Stacy.

Q: How different was the dynamic in the WWE locker room?
A: Oh gosh, in WCW, there was no one to answer to. If you wanted to be an asshole, no one would reprimand you and in Vince’s company, it would get taken care of eventually.

Q: Did WWE ladies take a liking to you?
A: Um, well Lita was very standoffish, eventually she warmed up but you had to prove yourself to her, same with Terri Runnels. I respected them all and gave them their distance.

Q: Initial impressions of Trish Stratus?
A: I knew Trish in fitness modeling and she said she wanted to be in wrestling and I fought for her to come to WCW but she got hired at WWE so we already had a friendship. I never competed in fitness with her but we did shoots together. I respected her for what she did in the modeling world.

Q: What was it like doing skits with Vince?
A: Oh my gosh, it was so intimidating! I did 5 or 6 and I had to kiss him. He’s such a pro and it was nerve wrecking. He’s very personable.

Q: Was it odd to see so many ex-WCW talents in the WWE?
A: It wasn’t odd. It was awesome, it was like having my family there that I knew.

Q: Was there a rift between ex WCW talent and WWE talent?
A: I didn’t really feel tension. Stacy had a lot of heat because of the whole political thing and shaking hands.

Q: How well did you get along with Stacy Keibler?
A: She’s one of my very best friends. We’re a lot a like and we still talk. She has made a star out of herself. She is destined for even greater things.

Q: Memories managing Tajiri?
A: *Laughs* He was hilarious. He’s so funny. He is a pervert. *Laughs* For a while I bought the whole I don’t speak English. He was great.

Q: Who’s idea was the whole Dawn Marie angle?
A: Paul Heyman. He called me when I was in Idaho with my father and we talked about bringing him in. It was the most fun I had in WWE.

Q: Thoughts on Dawn?
A: She’s awesome. We had our ups and downs. She’s kind of like a sister to me. We had our problems but worked through them.

Q: Did your dad start to get calls or anyone from your family who weren’t smart to the business?
A: He got phone calls. My brothers were horrified when he got married in his underwear. He still gets recognized but wasn’t a wrestling fan.

Q: Did any of the other girls become jealous of your television time?
A: I felt animosity but I felt pressured and heat from when I did Playboy

Q: How were you approached about Playboy?
A: They approached WWE and Jim Ross sprung it on me. I was shocked and really excited. It took me two seconds to give an answer and it was an awesome time.

Q: How did your family feel?
A: My mom wasn’t happy but sorry mom!

Q: Were you happy with how it turned out?
A: I loved the way it turned out. I was happy with the whole experience.

Q: How did it change your life?
A: It didn’t really change my life. I had an apartment with Stacy around that time and I went to a lot of movie premieres but nothing went anywhere because of wrestling.

Q: Memories of your feud with Sable?
A: At first it was great, we got along but when the Playboy Magazine came out, things changed, all of a sudden she didn’t like me anymore. She thought I wanted to steal the spotlight. I’d hate to think it was jealousy. We had a huge blowout fight at a show and everyone was listening. She was screaming at me saying how much better her Playboy sold than mine but I said it never made her a better person. We never really rectified our problems, we could be cordial but she didn’t like me. We still had to work together but nothing in regards to wrestling.

Q: Did you have any problems with any of the kissing?
A: I didn’t like kissing anyone that wasn’t my boyfriend. The thing with Dawn was really hard. Kissing Carlito was really hard because he’s a friend. I probably had more boyfriends and kissed more than any other person there.

Q: Memories of your feud with Nidia?
A: She is such a nice person and so giving. Some girls will make you look shitty but Nidia would think of cool moves for me to do like who does that. She was awesome.

Q: Memories of Jamie Noble?
A: He was cool. He’s all about wrestling and had good ideas.

Q: Did WWE ever propose a storyline that you said no to for whatever reason?
A: Nothing that I can really remember. They wanted me to be more sexual but I look back on things I have done and am mortified of being in front of all those kids.

Q: Thoughts on Kurt Angle?
A: He’s awesome. Legend. I wish him all the best. He’s a good person.

Q: Thoughts on Karen Angle?
A: I thought it was weird she got into the business either but she’s adoreable and has gotten over with the fans.

Q: Thoughts on the Rock?
A: No one compares to the Rock. He is in a class of his own. He has so much charisma.

Q: Thoughts on Undertaker?
A: I’ve always been scared of him but now I’m not. His ex wife Sara hated me, I’m not sure why. Stone Cold’s last wife Debra hated me as well because she thought I wanted her man. Sara and Debra were friends. And being Taker’s wife, I couldn’t really do anything. I’ve spoken to Undertaker more now because he’s married to my friend Michelle (McCool). Everyone respects him.

Q: Memories managing Billy Gunn?
A: I love him, he is so fun. He always included me. It was my idea to work with him. Vince asked and he was who I wanted to work with.

Q: Memories of your feud with Shaniqua?
A: *Laughs* I don’t really remember. I know a lot of people were annoyed by her but she was always cool to me.

Q: Memories of teaming with Sable against Jackie and Stacy?
A: That was fun at Wrestlemania. I did try to improve in the ring but when you’re in these gimmick matches like in an evening gown. I would ask if I could do something cool. It was great to have that match but cooler if it was a real match.

Q: Memories of feuding with Hiroko?
A: She is one of the sweetest people you’d ever know. I took her under my wing and others weren’t nice to her, I don’t know why and I just watched over her. I ran into her when I was in Japan and I bumped into her. *Laughs*

Q: Was there ever tension between the girls with wrestling backgrounds and the new Divas?
A: I don’t like to judge anyone until I see what they have to offer. I don’t care if you’re the greatest wrestler, but if you’re mean and nasty, I’m not going to respect you. Some girls did act like they ran the joint but they weeded those ones out pretty quick.

Q: Were you for the move to RAW?
A: I was definitely for it. I wanted to win the Women’s Championship. I had a storyline about winning the belt but it never happened. I got a little bitter but Raw was where it was at.

Q: Memories of your feud with Ashley?
A: That was when she didn’t really know what she was doing. It was difficult. I realized how it was when I first came in and how difficult it was. She’s a sweet girl and she really did try.

Q: Memories of teaming with Victoria against Trish and Ashley?
A: Oh my gosh I love her. I had a blast. She is one of the funniest people and it’s hard to get in the ring and not laugh. Some of my best were with her.

Q: You left for awhile for personal reasons and it was rumored you were fired. Why did you leave and what happened?
A: My husband at the time was going through a lot of problems. He called me when I got back from Australia and he needed me. I couldn’t reach anyone but my family is more important than my job and I flew myself home. They weren’t happy but I thought everything was okay and we were in the hospital and my lawyer called saying he thought I was fired.

I was disappointed but a huge weight was lifted because I felt like if they were going to have to fire me over this then I don’t want to work for them. But I think they realized how it would’ve made them look and I wasn’t fired. I asked them later and they denied it *laughs*.

Q: Memories of Vince’s Devils?
A: *Laughs* it was so funny. Candice was so new yet the bossy one and me and Lisa (Victoria) laughed. But then they turned on me.

Q: Thoughts on Candice?
A: She is a good friend of mine. We still talk.

Q: Memories of matches with Mickie?
A: She has paid her dues and lives and breathes wrestling. I respect her. I never had any problems during the time we worked together. She always stood up for me and respected me.

Q: What is your favorite place you got to travel to with the WWE?
A: Sydney, Australia. It’s so beautiful. I love to run and they have the gardens and waters. Iraq was awesome. I was scared everytime I went but it was such an honor.

Q: Thoughts on John Cena?
A: He lives and breathes wrestling. He deserves everything he achieves. He’s the closest thing to the Rock. He’s genuine. He helped through my divorce.

Q: Thoughts on Triple H?
A: He’s a nice guy. I never had any real conversations with him. I never experienced anything political from him.

Q: Thoughts on Stephanie McMahon?
A: She’s great. She’s very easy to talk to. She’s always on the girls’ side. She always worked to get the girls longer matches and storylines.

Q: Who were some of your favorite wrestlers to watch?
A: Rey Mysterio, Chavo, I love to watch those that I love as people. Rey Mysterio is my favorite. Randy Orton is such a great performer. He seems like the most natural.

Q: Memories of your angle with Carlito?
A: It was fun while it lasted, I didn’t like kissing him because he was my friend. He would let me do things I suggested.

Q: Who was your favorite booker or writer to work with?
A: I got along with all of them. I don’t know really because there were so many. A lot of them would come to me with awesome ideas and nothing ever came of those storylines.

Q: Did you like working on ECW?
A: No. *Laughs* It was a step down. It wasn’t like the old ECW.

Q: Did your success in the WWE and Billy’s lack thereof cause tension?
A: Um, gosh, I really hope not. I don’t think he was jealous. I think it’s hard on any man’s ego when a girl is more successful. He worked his whole life to be a wrestler. He always said it was never a problem.

Q: Was it hard to stay in shape on the road?
A: At times it was trying. Fitness is a huge passion of mine and I make it a priority. I love to run.

Q: What do you remember about the fight between Batista and Booker at the SummerSlam photoshoot?
A: I had just missed it but I heard all the juicy details.

Q: How shocked were you about Chris Benoit?
A: Oh gosh it was ridiculous. I’m going to cry. *She tears up* It was one of the worst times of my life working there. I saw his wife and kid a few weeks prior and I didn’t get to say hi. It just wasn’t him.

Q: What death in wrestling hit you hardest?
A: Well oh my gosh there was so many *still teared up* I think Chris’s was very hard to deal with because of how it was dealt with. I saw Vicki and all of a sudden she’s screaming and couldn’t even walk. With Eddie, I was closest to Eddie so it was really hard. I was close to his kids and his family (she is crying).

Q: Why did you eventually leave?
A: *She’s still crying* It got to the point where my friends would have barbeques and my boyfriend was fired after we dated. I was tired of of traveling. I want to settle down and have kids and get married and have a good relationship. Of course my back, I will never take another bump again. My back would lock up in the year that I left. I started taking Vicodin to wrestle. I went to Johnny and said I can’t my back, I need therapy. The therapy aggravated it. I had a ruptured disk and it collapsed and all the trauma of the years wrestling, it took a toll. My doctor said the facebuster I did was the worst move to do for my back. They replaced the disk so hopefully over time it will heal.

Q: What do you do now?
A: *She gets her composure back* I have a clothing store now. Our own clothing line. Me and my boyfriend. I’m still working on projects for the entertainment industry, I’ve been going back and forth to Los Angeles.

Q: Do you have any desires to return?
A: Not really, I miss the fans and the family and the energy but I left because I couldn’t give the fans what I wanted to give anymore. I wanted to be the Women’s Champion and if I couldn’t work toward that goal, why was I even there?

Q: Thoughts on TNA and the knockouts?
A: Gosh, amazing. I’ve watched a few times and those girls wrestle! TNA give time to the girls and WWE don’t.

Q: Do you think that the WWE went to far away from booking girls with wrestling backgrounds as opposed to Divas for awhile?
A: There’s a fine line. People want to see the hot girl but that gets boring so they want to see good wrestlers.

Q: Any good road stories?
A: Driving with Victoria and Candice. Those girls are crazy. They’d let hotdogs in peoples’ bags. They did that to me once. I really loved when we went overseas and you really got to know people.

Q: How bad is sexual harassment in wrestling?
A: I don’t think it’s no more worse than anywhere else.

Q: Can you talk about the challenges of being a female in the business?
A: It’s a man’s business. It’s difficult. It’s harder on the women being gone all the time.

Q: Would you ever want to write a book?
A: I get that all the time. I could probably have a really good book but my memory is horrible. *Laughs* that’s probably good for some people.

Q: Any regrets looking back?
A: No not really any.

Q: If you could make a movie for your grandkids, what three matches would you include?
A: I’d have to put something horrendous in the beginning with Stacy to see how horrible it was. Then my last match with Victoria because she’s amazing and I felt it was my best match. In the middle, no bikini, no gimmicks. Hm, probably something with Chloe.

Q: Was WWE okay with letting you go??
A: Yeah, I think they respected I couldn’t give them what they deserve. They did say if you want to come back, we’d love to have you do the promotional stuff. I love what I’m doing right now.

Q: Anything you want to say to your fans??
A: The fans are what have gotten me through especially the last 2 years, through my divorce, my back injury. They’re so supportive. It makes my heart melt and makes me miss wrestling.


Q: First impressions of each other?

A: DM: I was terrified because this was Torrie Wilson. I thought you were so beautiful.
A: TW: You were, awe!

Q: Out of all the angles, which were your favorites and why did it last so long?

A: TW: We loved each other but hated each other. She was like my sister. It felt really real.

Q: Who was a better kisser Dawn or Hulk?

A: TW: Oh Dawn for sure!

Q: Can you talk about the hurdles of women?

A: TW: They have preconcieved notions that we’re whores and we’re not. We wanted to prove we could entertain them and earn their respect. It’s hard to prove yourself in gimmick matches.
A: DM: It’s hard to train and we’d practice and then they’d give us a gimmick match.
A: TW: The fans didn’t really get to see what we could do.
A: DM: Torrie would say why can’t I hit her with a chair and throw her on the floor!

Q: Was there a lot of pressure to be on the road and stay in shape?

A: TW: Definitely! It was hard when everyone always wanted to go out.

Q: Would you recommend girls not date within the wrestling industry?

A: TW: No offense to my wrestling friends. Unless you knew he wasn’t a crazy wrestler.
A: DM: It is inevitable being on the road so long.

Q: How did your life change when you became a Superstar?

A: TW: It changed immensely especially when I did Playboy, the traveling changed my life.

Q: Can you talk about the sexism in wrestling?

A: TW: It’s definitely there. I’ve always been friendly to the new girls because it’s a tough business for women to be in.
A: DM: I call them my 8×10 girls because they send in an 8×10 and get a job and I don’t fault them, it’s those who hire them.

Q: Any stories about the lockerroom?

A: TW: My favorite is I walk in and Dawn is sitting there then Sable walks in, Dawn can you come here, I need you to witness this. Torrie my Playboy sold more than your Playboy! *Laughs*
A: DM: I don’t know why I was always dragged into the middle of it. *Laughs*

Q: Did any of the veterans ever try to stiff you in the ring?

A: TW: Oh definitely. Lita, I love Lita to death but in the beginning she stiffed Stacy and I quite a bit.

Q: Did you like working as baby faces or heels?

A: TW: Well I liked working as heel but it never worked out very long. *Laughs*.
A: DM: I just can’t be a babyface.

Q: Would you ever want to be a booker?

A: DM: Um no
A: TW: Yeah I’m thinking of being an agent *Laughs*

They talk about the Wrestle’s Rescue project to help people.

Q: Any good Vince stories?

A: TW: I love Vince, he makes me laugh.
A: DM: He really is a great guy.

Q: Craziest thing a fan has ever given to you?

A: TW: Underwear like thongs
A: DM: Really

Q: Do you think things will be better for women if and when Stephanie takes over?

A: TW: Definitely better, she has always been for the women.
A: DM: Stephanie didn’t want to portray women as ditzy and dumb and weake.

Q: How has your life changed since being out of wrestling?

A: TW: Sometimes I miss the performing but I am enjoying my life at home right now.
A: DM: I got to have a family.

Q: Favorite bookers?

A: TW: I liked everyone.
A: DM: Paul Heyman

Q: Did you enjoy the angle with Torrie and the dad?

A: TW: *Laughs*
A: DM: It was awkward. I made out with her father AND HER. *Laughs*
A: TW: Ew gross *Laughs*

Q: Anything you want to say to each other?

A: TW: We had an up and down relationship but I always respected you and had so much fun.
A: DM: I always loved you completely. I never ever judged you or thought less of you. I love you so much. I wouldn’t have had the career if you weren’t there.

They hug. RF thanks them both. End of interview and dvd.

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