Jul 25 2011
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Torrie tweeted and took to Facebook about her post 36th birthday yesterday. She tweeted saying:

Ya’ll are the sweetest! Thanks SO much for the birthday wishes, means the world! I’m spending my weekend at a life changing conference and it’s the best gift I could’ve given myself.

She posted a more elaborate message that night on Facebook:

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes you guys! I spent the weekend at a life changing conference… best gift I could have given myself! But I wasn’t on a computer all weekend and barely on my phone so I have some catching up to do reading them all!!! Just wanted you all to know I will definitely read them and I appreciate you guys SO much. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Also a few of her BFFs took to Twitter to wish her a Happy Birthday!

@McCoolMichelleL – Michelle McCool: Happy bday to the sweetest, most genuine gal I know…@Torrie11 ! I <3 you bunches!!! Have a good one!

@REALLiSAMARiE – Lisa Marie Varon: Happy Birthday @Torrie11 I love you siz!

So far no social media word from Lilian, Candice or Stacy but we imagine the 3 wished their BFF a Happy Birthday personally!

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