Aug 02 2011
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Torrie’s BFFs Lilian and Candice took to Twitter and Facebook about a red carpet appearance that the TLC trio will be apart of!

Candice Michelle: “On my way to meet my girls Torrie Wilson and Lilian Garcia Official Fan Page for sushi and a red carpet event! Yeah! Glama in full effect!”

Lilian Garcia: “I got a tick bite while I was away and I’m sick and on meds, but I have a red carpet event tonight with Candice Michelle and Torrie Wilson so I am pushing through!”

UPDATE: Lilian Garcia: “At The Beverly 4 Red Carpet Event w @DIVACANDICEM, @Torrie11 & @mariamenounos! I wore pink in hopes of making me feel better.” — She included the photo above!

Candice Michelle: “TLC!!!” — She included the photo above!

Torrie Wilson: Retweeted Lilian/Candice’s tweets while tweeted: “Nitey nite from Chloe & I! Just watchin a little tv before bed : ) — She included the photo above (there’s also one from last week of her and Stewie at the nail salon).

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