Aug 06 2011
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WWE has released their newest home video called WWE Greatest Superstars of the 21st Century DVD and Blu-ray. It features a 3-disc DVD set and is currently on sale now. Torrie is featured in the Decade of Divas section. I found a video on YouTube of the Divas of the Decade feature of Torrie. She joins Stacy, Lita and Trish as the only four Divas included. A lot of people commented on Torrie during her brief clip in the package. Below is the commentary of the segment.

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Torrie on Diva: Being a Diva is all about attitude.

Michael Cole: Cover girl, Torrie Wilson.

Tazz: Look at Torrie, she is smokin! Oh my gawd!

Alex Riley: The thing that made Torrie Wilson one of the greatest Divas of the new millenium I think was,
she was beautiful. You looked at her and you were like this is a girl I want to take home to my mom.

Melina: She has this wholesome look. She has this personality that is so sweet and so genuine that the whole
crowd sees it, everyone around her, so no matter what she does you’ll always love her.

Matt Striker: Torrie Wilson being one of the best Divas of the new millenium, it was almost the start of the smart,
sexy, powerful. Not only was Torrie beautiful but she was smart, she was articulate. She was tall, she was athletic.

Alicia Fox: She was just an all around, all American bombshell.

Katelyn: She’s hotter than Barbie, if that’s possible.

Decade of Divas on Disc 1:
– Torrie, Stacy, Lita and Trish

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