Aug 17 2011
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Torrie’s BFFs Lilian Garcia and Candice Michelle tweeted about the trio going to a red carpet event!

Lilian Garcia: Heading to Hollywood for a red carpet event with Candice Michelle and Torrie Wilson! Yay, I get to see my BFFs!!!

Candice Michelle: Yeah we’re waiting for our 3rd Angel! (In response to Lilian’s tweet) Going to a red carpet event with my girls @LilianGarcia and @Torrie11! Hottie Totties we wanna Parties!

UPDATE: Lilian tweeted a picture of the trio partying at Sayer Club. She tweeted: TLC in the house partying!! Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle & I are having a blast! Later Candice Michelle tweeted a picture of the trio and one of her and Torrie alone. Lilian also tweeted two videos that they are briefly shown in, you can view it below.

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