Aug 20 2011
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Not much going on in the world of Torrie Wilson. This past week she got back to Los Angeles from Chicago and was spotted at the LG Revolution Party, partying afterward with Lilian Garcia and Candice Michelle. She likes to tweet inspirational thoughts on Twitter and posted a few but as far as actual news, she tweeted:

Thursday 08/18 – I seriously woke up 8 times last nite from nightmares only to go RIGHT BACK to sleep to the same nightmare! Weird! Later that day tweeting – Just had the best massage. Now I’m gonna try not to mess it up w/ a long run. May need a gallon of coffee first. Hehe.

Friday 08/19 – Just had a great romantic dinner with…myself. Had some seriously interesting convo I must say. Lol…but truly, I’ve learned to enjoy that…ate baked cod and mushroom risotto. So love that I can walk 2 blocks and be served! Around the same time she retweeted a fan who said – You can never be truly happy until you can be happy by yourself.

Seems as if she’s a bit down with the nightmare thing and eating alone but we truly wish her happier days! Love you Torrie!

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