Aug 23 2011
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In our newest feature, when Torrie news is slow, we’re going to “Back That Up” (in honor of Torrie’s infamous “tush push”, stinkface, that has been imitated but never duplicated! We’re already in our third edition and this time, we’re going to back that up to six years ago when Torrie and Candice Michelle returned to Raw in what shook the WWE and mixed things up on Raw. The good girls turned bad when returning and “initiating” Diva Search winner Ashley and antagonized her for the next 3 weeks. This also saw the formation of Vince’s Devils (Torrie, Candice & Victoria) and the three went on to be a huge stable for the 8 months leading up to WrestleMania in 2006.

Raw: 08/22/05 (Torrie & Candice Gone Bad) – Television Captures | Watch Video

Raw: 08/29/05 (Formation of Vince’s Devils) – Television Captures | Watch Video

Raw: 09/05/05 (Torrie w/ Candice/Victoria vs Ashley Massaro) – Television Captures | Watch Video

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