Oct 02 2011
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Torrie posted on her Facebook on Thursday: “Ok so “old” or “new”, I’ll be posting a picture everyday for the next week! Some may be VERY candid…but that’s cool right? Love you guys!”

Thursday’s was an old picture of her w/ Lilian and Candice that she’s posted before. Friday’s was an old but new picture of her w/ Chloe, that looks to be taken during her Oxygen shoot. Saturday’s was an old but new picture of her w/ Michelle when they were on Project Runway in 2008. I suspect she will be posting Sunday’s later and I will update with it. I also updated her Facebook section of the gallery with all her photos she’s posted on her Facebook.

I will be updating her Twitter section of the gallery soon.

UPDATE: Added Torrie’s picture for “Sunday”, an old picture of her and Chloe from her days in WWE.

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