Oct 11 2011
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This just in, big news! Torrie hinted about going south of the border to Mexico on Friday and reports and photos surfaced of Torrie’s BFF Stacy Keibler being in Cabo San Lucas with her new beau George Clooney! I found two pictures of Torrie (she is in the green shirt and hat on the left side) with Stacy and George at the airport in Cabo San Lucas!

Reports from E! Online and PopSugar.com: George Clooney gave his girlfriend Stacy Keibler a big hug Friday when she arrived in Mexico! The couple are south of the border with friends to enjoy a vacation together. George deserves a little rest and relaxation following his whirlwind press tour to support his latest film. Now George and Stacy are free to get shirtless or throw on a bikini to lounge by the pool. Let the beach photos begin!

Perhaps this was her early birthday gift from him hence why friends (and Torrie) tagged along seeing as Stacy turns 32 on October 14th. Stacy tweeted on Sunday: “Chasing the last days of “summer.” #Paradise” and included a beautiful photo view outside the hotel. Still no new tweets or posts from Torrie but sweet of Stacy to take her BFF w/ them! I’ll keep you updated!

Fast Fact: Torrie & Stacy first became friends in 1998 during their days in WCW. The two continued over in WWE and have remained close ever since nearly 14 years later.

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