Nov 13 2011
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Kurt Angle Auction – View Television Captures | Watch Video

Billy Gunn w/ Torrie vs Eddie Guerrero – View Television Captures | Watch Video

It’s the 6th anniversary of the death of the late great Eddie Guerrero and I wanted to share something special on Torrie’s behalf to tribute her memories and moments with Eddie Guerrero. He meant so much to her and so many people. He lied, he cheated and he stole all of our hearts. RIP Eddie Guerrero, Viva La Raza.

Torrie definitely had her share of moments on screen with Eddie as well as outside the ring. It dates back to WCW in 1999 when she managed the team the Filthy Animals of Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman and Konnan. She had some times on screen w/ him in WWE as well including the infamous segment “Kurt Angle’s Auction”.

Taken from Torrie’s shoot DVD, here is what she said about Eddie:

Q: Memories of Eddie Guerrero?
A: He was such a great guy, so genuine. He has so much wrestling experience and knowledge and he never treated me as a dumb girl. He told me I got everything and needed to put more sexuality into it *laughs* and he was into what others did. He lived in Tampa for awhile when I did and we talked waiting for the airplane and I consider him a mentor.

Q: What death in wrestling hit you hardest?
A: Well oh my gosh there was so many *tearing up* I think Chris’s was very hard to deal with because of how it was dealt with. I saw Vicki and all of a sudden she’s screaming and couldn’t even walk. With Eddie, I was closest to Eddie so it was really hard. I was close to his kids and his family *she is crying*.

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