Dec 19 2011
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After 3 days, Torrie made some new tweets on Sunday following her signing appearance the day before on Saturday! She first tweeted: “Instead of wiping your tears, wipe away the people who created them. : )” Then: “God is great!” And finally today she tweeted: “Happy Monday! Would you believe I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet?! Yikes, I better start today.”

Also, I mentioned on the chat box about Torrie’s 5 days of Christmas! I was going to do just one big Christmas treat but then I see the visiting stats and there’s just so many people to give a great gift to so there will be 5 treats here at this Christmas! The 5th day starts tomorrow the 20th, the 4th day on the 19th, and so forth up until the day before on the 24th, Christmas Eve! Torrie just has SO many goodies to share of holiday themes so visit to see what you get!!

Hope you’re enjoying the snow falling here at and the changing holiday themed photos in the layout at the top. I hope Torrie and all the visitors has a wonderful holiday season!

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