Dec 20 2011
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On the 5th day before Christmas, Torrie gave to me… 5,000 new pictures of Torrie!
(In addition to the 28,000 that were already there in the gallery!)

I have been adding tons and tons of new pictures of Torrie to the gallery, new to the gallery but not 2011 new haha, old photoshoots, television captures, magazine scans, WWE photos, ect. and once I got going, I couldn’t stop (I have owned a Torrie Wilson website since 2005 so I have her whole career in photos on flash drives.)

I kept adding and adding and have added literally 5,000 new photos!

On the 5th day, 5,000 photos — Here’s the breakdown:

Captures added to WWE, WCW & Television Shows
– WWE > Raw, SD, PPV, SNH, ECW, Games&Commercials
Photos added to Professional & WWE Photoshoots
Scans added to WWE, Popular & Fitness Magazines
WWE photos added to Digitals, Appearances & Auctions
Archive of Ebay photos added

In addition to the sections I linked to you, you can go to the Last Uploads
in the gallery and view them all page by page by clicking here >>>

JUST IN: TORRIE IS HEADING TO IDAHO TODAY! She tweeted saying her flight was today and she just realized it yesterday. Torrie is from Idaho and must be spending the holidays there with her family! Have a fun and safe trip, Tor!

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