Jan 11 2012
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Torrie tweeted a photo of her with Stewie and Pepper in the Miami sunshine yesterday. Candid shots of her for the second day in a row out by the pool in her bikini with her puppies have surfaced. Celeb sites are posting her bikini shots everywhere, it’s so hard to post all the articles but I’ve posted some better ones below. There’s also an array of photos from January 10th.

From NYPost.com — Torrie Wilson Shows Off her Puppies — Torrie Wilson brought along some friends to sunbathe with new boyfriend Alex Rodriguez yesterday at his home in Miami. Wilson was snapped carrying two chihuahuas, the pooches nestled alongside her ample chest. The former professional wrestler, who has posed for Playboy twice, held a brown chihuahua underneath her left arm and a white chihuahua under her right. Her hard body was on full display in a black and cream bikini.

At one point, she held the white chihuahua up as Alex Rodriguez snapped a photo with his iPhone. On Monday, Wilson and Rodriguez spent the day the exact same way — poolside in Miami. But Wilson wore a different barely-there bikini and also carried a different dog, a Maltese with a bow in its hair. Wilson recently spoke about her love of pups with K9 magazine, sharing that she had adopted two dogs. It’s unclear where the third pooch came from. “My pets are my babies, I can give and get unconditioned love from them always!” It also appears that Wilson is receiving lots of love from Rodriguez. In another photo snapped of the two on Monday, Rodriguez pulled his new girlfriend towards him and kissed the nape of her neck.

From LoopyComments.com (Photos Credited There – One is Credited to Amana Images) — Move over to the side Jennifer Nicole Lee because here’s a fitness model that looks way more firm in a bikini than you do, its professional wrestler, fitness competitor and model Torrie Wilson. Even though I hold a green belt in Taekwondo, this is one chick I would spar with because she has a rock hard body and she wouldn’t feel a punch or kick.

The fitness model was spotted by the poolside at a resort in Miami, like all the other celebrities spotted in the city for the past few weeks, she’s enjoying what would be her mid-winter vacation. She was wearing a black and beige two-piece bikini, she even took her two puppies to the pool, damn she really loves them dogs. Check out the photos of Torrie Wilson at the poolside in Miami.

For those who have questions on Torrie’s “puppies” haha her dogs, check out our new feature “Torrie’s Pets” below where you can find out ALL the information you need on Torrie’s dogs. It will clear up questions the NY Post had asked in it’s article.

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