Jan 13 2012
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Photos have been released from Sunday, January 8th of Torrie poolside in Miami. I posted pictures the other day of Torrie in two bathing suits and this explains it. She wore the red one on the 8th and the pink one on the 9th and then the brown one on the 10th. Girl has been living it up in the Florida sunshine for sure!

To clarify, Torrie was poolside on the 8th and then went boating with A-Rod. Later the two were caught at dinner. On the 9th and 10th, photos surfaced of the two sun bathing. Torrie had tweeted a few pictures on the 10th as well as the 11th. So far no candids of her from the 11th or 12th. But she was tweeting on the 12th about her cleanse. Seems as if she’s been relaxing!

Torrie’s dogs, Chloe, Stewie & Pepper are near her in the photos! So cute!

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