Feb 03 2012
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Cute story I saw last night! Actress Kristen Bell of the upcoming “Big Miracle” movie and Veronica Mars alum was on Chelsea Lately last night talking about her love and attraction for dogs. On a recent flight, she said a red eye from New York to Los Angeles so I imagine this was in early January when Torrie and Alex Rodriguez were spotted in New York and then days later in Los Angeles. Anyway, Kristin said everyone was asleep and she saw two chihuahuas running up the isle. She played with them and even took a photo with them as the stewardess looked up the owner. Kristin then said she realized it may have been Alex Rodriguez and “the lady he was with” because she saw him with a carrier early on. It was a funny story and such a cute picture! She said she eventually put them back into the carrier near Alex Rodriguez and joked in a crush-like way.

Watch the video about a minute in when she starts to tell the story! Two photos are above!

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