Apr 03 2012
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TMZ.com posted insight on Torrie & Alex from ‘Mania as well as a new shot of them with John Cena that WWE showed on Raw. — Alex Rodriguez is used to having fans get excited to meet him — but it was opposite day at Wrestlemania last night, when A-Rod was the giddy fan meeting several WWE stars. A-Rod got the intros from current girlfriend and former WWE hottie Torrie Wilson during last night’s record-setting event. We’re told Torrie introduced A-Rod to such stars as Big Show, Rey Mysterio, and John Cena (pictured above with A-Rod and Torrie). But A-Rod wasn’t the only Yankee in the house. During his backstage visit, A-Rod ran into teammates Robinson Cano and Eduardo Nunez.

UPDATE: The NY Post posted about A-Rod being at Wrestlemania 28 and it looks like they gave insight details on what happened when John Cena came over. Here’s what the NY Post is reporting: “Torrie & Alex were joined at the hip,” said a spy. “A-Rod was backstage with her, then they stayed for the show. They sat ringside, and he was really into it. They were really affectionate and adorable together.”

When WWE superstar John Cena emerged for his battle against The Rock, Cena greeted Rodriguez, whose excited expression looked a lot like when a kid meets him at Yankee Stadium. A spy added, “Cena pointed to his new Nikes and told A-Rod to tell Derek Jeter he was wearing his sneakers.”

UPDATE 04/04: Torrie’s post-WM activities – she tweeted: “Had so much fun! Was so cool watching from the front row!” She also answered some fans: A fan said she loved the end of an era match and Torrie said “me too” – A fan said would you ever come back to the WWE? : ) – Torrie said: “I don’t think I can do that schedule again” – When fans suggested she do a one time appearance or match, she said “maybe”. – A fan said If you were still in the WWE, which current Diva would you like to face in a match? Torrie said Vicki Guerrero – She said her favorite match at WM was HHH vs Undertaker – She mentioned she wasn’t aware of Brock Lesnar’s return on Monday and even showed Torrie-Wilson.org some love responding to our tweet saying “awe thanks, love ya!” — Love ya, too, Tor! Lastly, she tweeted “Sports radio. No offense but I think I’ve heard enough to last the rest of my life. Lol” and posted a TwitPic of a hockey game saying “Go Panthers”.

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