Apr 12 2012
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Torrie tweeted on Tuesday: “Redeye to the Big Apple for the doggies & me! Hoping I bring the super warm sunshine with me! I just LOVE redeyes by the way! Greatest! No wasted time!” Torrie, who has been staying in Miami and going back and forth from Miami to Tampa, from where she’s staying to supporting baseball season, recently tweeted she was briefly at home this past weekend in Los Angeles where she has a home. Then Tuesday she tweeted she was going to NYC, saying “Brrrrrrrrr! Baby it’s cold outside!” It is cold here in the northeast this week. No word on whether she’s still in NYC now but she has been tweeting fans and also tweeted: “I wanna rescue them all! Poor babies : (” with a TwitPic of puppies in a store window. Later she tweeted: “After discussing adopting another family member, these 3 told me no way…meanies.” with a TwitPic of her, Chloe, Pepper and Stewie! She even gave Torrie-Wilson.org some love in one of her responses!

A-Rod who resides in Miami, plays for the NY Yankees. As baseball season is now on, he had been playing in Miami and Tampa and recently was playing in Baltimore. The Yankees home opener is Friday the 13th and they have home games the next 7 days. Torrie was set to have an appearance in NYC on Sunday the 15th, but she confirmed it’s been cancelled.

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