May 31 2012
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Hi everyone! I’m pleased to introduce you to our new feature in the “Torrie” section called the “COVER” girl! It is a more improved and in addition to our previous “Magazine Covers” that was in the “Torrie” section. Our new feature allows you to see all of the covers that I have found that Torrie has graced from magazines, to home videos, to posters and more! Here’s a sneak peek but be sure to click the link below to see them all! Torrie has graced over 50 covers through 1997 to 2009!

P.S. This is the “C” feature I was talking about. Please visit on Saturday as I launch the “SS” feature as promised. Beginning Saturday June 2, 2012 – the site will be doing a “Summer Sizzler” of Torrie since 1997 up through 2012 as she sizzles in the summer sun. It will include photoshoots, photos, videos, and more, every Saturday til the end of summer! Get your sunglasses, sunscreen, chair and water because it is sure to be a “sizzling summer” at!

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