Jul 06 2012
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Hi everyone! It’s that time of year! Time to celebrate Torrie’s 37th birthday! Similarly to last year, I have created a sub site for you all to visit and send your Happy Birthday wishes to Torrie! You will have up until July 23rd to get your wishes in then I will post them all on that site and send it off for Torrie to see! When I sent the wishes to her last year, she adored them very much! So here is your chance to send a message to Torrie! Head over and check it out and send in your wishes!


Also, it looks as if Torrie had a great 4th of July as she tweeted: “My night just went from good to awesome!!! : )” The NYPost.com website reported: “Alex Rodriguez may have been reading “Fifty Shades of Grey,” because he and girlfriend Torrie Wilson were horsing around with riding crops at Mokai in Miami on Wednesday. Witnesses said the couple was at the bar, “spanking each other with the Mokai-branded whips that are given out to guests along with handcuffs.” One continued: “They were hitting each other playfully with the red riding crops. They seem to be having a lot of fun together.” They had earlier watched the fireworks in the club’s outdoor courtyard. While the Yankee star has a powerful build, toned Wilson — wearing tiny shorts — didn’t seem to be fazed. The spy added, “She has some set of legs in those short shorts — all muscle.”

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