Jul 26 2012
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WWE.com is running a feature on their website entitled: “20 Legends Who Never Won World Title Gold” – Inspired by the athletes whose competitive fire will burn bright as they “go for the gold” at the London 2012 Summer Olympics, WWE.com recalls 20 battle-tested legends of the squared circle who won the hearts and minds of the WWE Universe despite never winning championship gold on a global scale.

Seeing as the 2012 Summer Olympics are upon us (and I wish the best of luck to all the athletes “going for the gold”), I thought one person was missing from that list who embodies all of the characteristics that qualified someone to be on that list, such as, legendary, winning the hearts and minds of the WWE Universe…and unfortunately never winning Championship gold and that is of course, our girl, Torrie Wilson!

If you recall, Torrie Wilson spent nearly 8 years with the WWE, was among the Top 4 Divas listed in the Divas section of the Greatest Superstars of the 21st Century, was arguably Smackdown’s Greatest asset as far as Divas go, won the hearts and minds of the WWE Universe and since retirement, is placed among the greats to have left their mark on the WWE! With the body of a goddess, natural beauty and sweet girl next door charm, Torrie Wilson, is all that and more but with all that describes her, one thing is for sure, she was never able to get the CHANCE at Championship gold. I say chance, because that is it. Torrie had one WWE Women’s Championship match in her 8 years with the WWE and asked many times for a storyline for the chance. Just as WWE was going to crown her the first ever WWE Divas Champion, Torrie was sidelined with a devastating back injury and forced into retirement.

I guess that is all we’ll have, the fact that the Divas Championship was created with Torrie in mind and that she was suppose to be crowned the first ever Divas Champion! While she was never able to “go for the gold”, I think her list of achievements without ever being a Champion speaks for itself and makes her forever a Champion in the eyes of her fans!

WWE.com says it best: It may seem difficult to forge a storied career in sports-entertainment without winning a few [titles] along the way, but it’s not impossible! And we shall remember Torrie for her remarkable storied WWE career!

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