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Week 12 of our 14 week Summer Sizzler is underway (just 2 weeks left), taking a look back at the year 2010, the continuation of an end of an era for one of WWE’s top Divas! Recapping our previous weeks, from 1997 to 2001, Torrie did fitness modeling and during 1999 and 2000, Torrie was apart of WCW wrestling. In 2001, Torrie signed on with the WWE and made her debut that June. With the WWE, she modeled, wrestled, managed, etc. After being heel then turning into a good girl appearing on all WWE shows, Torrie was exclusively drafted to Smackdown in 2002 and rose to stardom that year. 2003 began where 2002 left off with one big feud after the other as well as posing for Playboy and doing special matches and segments here and there. 2004 continued with that pattern. Once 2005 came, Torrie was one of WWE’s top Divas. Torrie did a few minor things on Smackdown up until she was drafted to Raw in mid 2005. She was involved with Diva matches, ring announcing and backstage.

In 2006, Torrie was still competing in Divas matches & segments throughout 2006 until she was paired with Carlito that October which led into 2007 and was a taste of what was to come in 2007. Torrie was with Carlito, doing Divas matches & segments as well up until he turned on her in May 2007. She continued her storyline with him until she was drafted to Smackdown in June 2007. Once on Smackdown, Torrie immediately started a long feud with former friend, Victoria, teaming in tag matches and being a bridesmaid. Torrie was nearly a regular on Smackdown until she was put out of action in November 2007 due to a back injury! Torrie was never seen on WWE television again as she underwent back surgery. She participated in Wrestlemania festivities and then retired in May 2008, leaving her mark on professional wrestling. In 2009, Torrie made a special appearance at Wrestlemania 25 and that summer participated in “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!” in which she was the runner up! In 2010, Torrie was at a balanced place in life and started her own product Diva Trim!

In addition to some appearances, Torrie also appeared in some magazines and continued working as a model for Bench Warmer Cards and modeled for various professional photographers. Torrie appeared on some television events and continued working with her clothing store: Jaded. She also did a lot of appearances at signings and continued with social media!

Below, view photos of things she she took part in during 2010 and there is a few videos of some of these sizzling moments.

Please join us every Saturday starting June 2nd through September 1st for our Summer Sizzler! Enjoy!

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