Sep 20 2012
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Our Decisions, Decisions feature is back after what seems like almost a year since our first three polls were made! However, in May we launched our Fashion Center which featured a variety of polls and you can access them via the links below the monthly poll on the side or going directly to our Fashion Center. Also, June and July saw our “Torrie’s Greatest Raw Moments” polls as we unveiled her greatest Raw moments. You can view all of that by visiting the Raw’s 1000th feature.

Now, onto our fourth official Decisions, Decisions poll! Summer is just about to end on this side of the globe and warmer weather may be around the corner for others around the world, but in honor of our summer sizzler celebration, we’re ending summer on a SIZZLING note! The current decision in this end of summer throwdown is between French Canadian Fashionista Maryse Ouellet and our girl Torrie Wilson, Boise’s ultimate girl next door beauty! You make the decision! Did Maryse or Torrie rock this sparkly blue bikini better? This is a tough one! Vote via the poll below!

P.S. Like the Flashback Friday feature, I will be doing more “Decisions, Decisions” as well when news is slow!

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