Oct 07 2012
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10/01: Torrie tweeted: “Happy to be in NYC again! Even happier to see my 4 love bugs!”

10/02: Torrie tweeted: “I love cooking yummy, healthy food for people who appreciate it. Breakfast today: turkey bacon, grilled salmon and brown rice. Call me Chef Wilson.” She also posted an Instagram photo of her three doggies at her feet while she prepared breakfast.

10/05: Torrie tweeted: “It’s amazing how giving off positive, happy energy brings positive energy right back at ya.”

She replied to some fans and tweeted some quotes on the 2nd, 5th and 6th as well. She also posted a photo on Instagram of her and another blonde.

10/07: Torrie tweeted: “It’s colder than a mother in land of the Orioles & birth place of @StacyKeibler. Maybe it would be warmer if her hotness was still here ; )”

10/08: Torrie tweeted: “So hungry I could eat my hand off…luckily there’s a grilled piece of salmon w/ my name on it in the room. #OmegaIsSoGoodForYou”

She also posted a new photo on her Instagram of “her crew” that night! That photo is at the top & all photos are in the gallery!

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