Jan 11 2013
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It looks like a few of the friends Torrie tweeted back to before the new year have tweeted back again. They also tweeted photos with Torrie! Looks like lunch with friends, spilling drinks and a new project???

01/09: “@Todd_Roy tweeted: “Lunch with the ever beautiful @Torrie11 and thee ever elegant grace filled @AliciaMarieBODY” to which Torrie responded: “good times!!!” Later he tweeted: “Suddenly, moments later… cc @Torrie11 @AliciaMarieBODY” – both tweets included a photo. Looks like someone spilled a drink!

01/10: Torrie tweeted: “Workout finished by 7:30 AM…best way to start the day! #goforit #fitness #dontquit #goals” Later her friend tweeted: “Safe to say I officially love this girl. We’re smiling – but you can tell we’re up to NO GOOD HA @Torrie11 #LEGEN-Wait For It-DARY” and then another friend tweeted: “With my bro @Todd_Roy @AliciaMarieBODY and @Torrie11 talking about diet!” Both tweets included a photo. I see workout gear on, hmmm!

No word on where Torrie is exactly OR what she’s up to… perhaps a new project? Stay tuned!

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