Apr 09 2013
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Sad news to report today, that Torrie posted on her Instagram and Twitter that her one dog, Stewie, underwent surgery but that he was already feeling better. The photo she included shows a cast of some sort on his front leg but no other word on his condition. I hope you get well soon Stewie and praying for speedy recovery!

I have also mentioned on the site and our social media accounts that updates will be limited until further notice and you can see a new text spread out across the gallery as it is under construction. I haven’t talked too much about it and I won’t but just recent conversations with many people lately have caused me to make that decision and out of respect, certain things will not be updated and things will just have to be different for many reasons. I still support the point of interest, but anyway, here are all of Torrie’s social media updates from the last few weeks:

Non-Social Media: On 3/24, Torrie attended a tennis opening event with friends in Florida.

3/28 – Torrie posted on Instagram: “Mommy & me weekend in NYC! So happy she’s here!” She included a photo of the two. — Looks like Torrie’s mother, Lana, visited her in New York that week.

3/29 – Torrie posted on social media accounts: “If you are in the New York City area tomorrow come say hi to me at the Wrestling Universe store in Flushing, NY from 11 A-1:30 P! Fun times!!!” — I originally posted information on this and then was contacted and people made a big stink about it so it was never reported on again. — Later, she posted on Facebook: “Playing NYC tour guide for my mommy today & met some of New York’s finest at Ground Zero.” She included a photo on Facebook and posted a quote picture on Instagram.

3/31 – Torrie posted on social media accounts: “HAPPY EASTER! Put your shoulders back, hold your head high. The same power that raised Christ from the dead lives on the inside of you.”

4/05 – She posted a picture of a beach saying “Zen” on Instagram.

4/06 – She posted a picture of her & Chloe on Instagram with no caption.

4/09 – She posted on Instagram a photo of Stewie announcing his surgery: “Stewie after surgery. Feeling better already!” — Later she posted another photo on Instagram of her in a little car with her dogs: “COOLEST LIL CAR – I dunno what it’s called! Thanks @AliciaMarieBody for letting me drive : )” — Her friend Alicia Marie tweeted: “Today my little teacup chihuahua Tallulah met both of @Torrie11 ‘s teacup chihuahuas, had a playdate. Fought over hamburguesas. #ChiWowWow”

4/10 – She posted on Instagram a photo of her and her friend Alicia Marie saying: “Great beach workout today w/ @AliciaMarieBody! That sand kicks your butt…in a good way : )” Her friend tweeted: “WED is usually my OFF day from gym/workout BUT my friends made me an offer I wouldn’t refuse…” and posted a photo of her with Torrie and friends.

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* Originally, a Tribute to Trish Stratus was to be posted today but I will be moving that to Thursday 4/11 so check that out then.

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