Apr 11 2013
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In honor of Trish Stratus’s induction into the 2013 Hall of Fame this past week, I wanted to do a little tribute of her involvements in Torrie’s career. Did you know, the two met prior to their wrestling days in the late 90’s during their fitness and modeling days? The two competed in fitness competitions and shoots together along with various other models at the time. Torrie, Trish and who we know as Victoria/Tara all met before wrestling and later worked together in the WWE, all of whom are real life friends to this day, nearly 15 years later. Torrie was one of many Divas who attended Trish Stratus’s wedding in 2006.

In 2001, Torrie began working with the WWE that summer after they bought WCW. Torrie joined fellow newcomer Stacy Keibler as WCW/ECW Alliance members and teamed up against Trish Stratus and Lita, team WWE. The four competed in the first ever tag team bra and panties match. Trish and Torrie also competed that summer against one another in an arm wrestling match and a paddle on the pole match. The two didn’t have any interaction together until 2002 when they participated in an unaired posedown and special bikini contest. Again, the two did not have any interaction together in the ring, on screen, for nearly 3 years as Trish was Raw’s top Diva and Torrie was Smackdown’s, although the two often did press together, as they were, at the time, spokeswomen for the WWE.

In 2005, when Torrie was drafted to Raw, she formed a bad girl trio and feuded with the likes of Trish and her good girl team. Torrie competed in singles matches with Trish and in tag matches. The 6 involved also competed in the first ever 3 on 3 Bra and Panties match together. After that, the two did not have any interaction together until the spring of 2006 when Torrie’s team turned on her.

In 2006, Torrie was a good girl again and teamed with Trish various times in tag matches and helped her often while feuding her old team. The two had sparing interaction with one another up until the fall of that year when Trish Stratus retired.

Since Trish’s retirement, she showed up in late 2007 at Raw’s 15th Anniversary and talked with Trish backstage. Torrie was also featured on Trish’s home video special back in 2002.

Since 2007, Torrie and Trish have crossed paths here and there and remain real life friends. The two share photos on social media when they happen to see one another. WWE.com ran an “Evolution of Trish Stratus” special and Torrie was included.

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