May 17 2013
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As previously noted as an update in the social media news post below, Torrie is in Florida judging the Tri-Fitness Competition. You can see the social media update I re-posted underneath but also, two fans posted an extremely cute photo with Torrie on both of their Twitters and Torrie is wearing a Tri-Fitness shirt. Looks like Torrie got a new hair cut/do, too! All 3 ladies look lovely!

Torrie posted on Instagram & shared on Twitter: “A guy’s dream job right here! Good times with old friends #womenstrifitness #competition #bikiniready” – Remember, Torrie is an alumni of the Tri-Fitness Competition as she won one of the competitions in 1998 and was inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2012. According to their website, there is a competition being held May 16th through the 19th in St. Petersburg Beach, FL.

UPDATE: One of Torrie’s fellow judges posted a photo of all the judges on her Facebook and Torrie is included. She posted: “Had such a great time judging tonight’s 2013 Tri Fitness World Challenge! Had some “old” friends and past competitors next to me at the table – WWE’s Torrie Wilson, Dawn and Adrian, had so much fun!!!

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