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Torrie posted the head’s up on Twitter and it looks like this is a little of what Torrie has been working on lately, as you recall she had been in California various times earlier this year working on something as she mentioned on social media accounts and some new photos were released. MuscleAndFitnessHers.com posted a blog that Torrie shared on TorrieWilsonFit.com back in January with a few new things but also shared a new photo!

How to Get Motivated | May 30, 2013 | By: Torrie Wilson
(Torrie Wilson shares seven tips to help break your motivational funk)

Yes, we love to workout… but even the most motivated of gym-goers occasionally experience a slump. That doesn’t mean we have to miss our workouts, or even let them be anything less than stellar. When your goal is to stay lean and mean year round, you can never have too many motivational tricks stored up your sleeve. Be armed and ready! We all know that motivation comes in many forms and what works for one person may not for another… but I’m sure a few of these self-tested and favored tips can help you the next time you are looking for a jolt of the motivation juice.

1. Tear sheets. Next time you are looking through a magazine, tear out any workouts that look interesting and put them in a folder. It can sometimes be all too easy to fall into the trap of doing the same exercises each and every week… which can cause a dip in motivation out of boredom. I love going through this folder when I want something fresh.

2. Pictures. Try Googling “killer fitness bods” or following people on instagram that post lots of fitness pictures; the images might just make you feel like hitting the gym harder or running an extra mile.

3. Music. Crank it up! Go for it! Sounds simple, but be sure to download new stuff so it never gets stale… that’s key!

4. Take a new class. There are so many great classes out there. Don’t get caught doing the same old routine each and every week. B-O-R-I-N-G! Try a cool new spinning class, dance class, cross-fit… take a look around the room and make it a game finding the people who are “experts” at that particular thing. There is something really motivating about watching others excel in their element!

5. Fitness Journal. I like to call this my personal fitness brag book. If I know I am logging a workout, I do more and work harder. Nobody sees my book but me, though you’re free to share with others if you like. Not only is it motivating to do more if you are going to log it, it’s also pretty inspiring to go back through and look at old workouts that were particularly tough. It’s also a great way to document progress. If you are doing the same routines you were logging a year ago, that could be a reason you aren’t seeing the changes you want.

6. Selfie pics. Do these for your eyes only. Use your phone or a digital camera and take a couple shots every 1-2 weeks. If you hate what you see, then don’t spend much time looking at them but make sure you save them. Just knowing that you are documenting progress and taking pictures will motivate you to kill those workouts!

7. Set goals. We all need to have goals. Whether it’s to look smokin’ hot in your bikini come July, win a figure competition, complete a 5k run, lose 2 or 40 pounds, or fit into your favorite skinny jeans again… set a goal. Goals motivate!

8. Switch up your gym time. Every once in a while, just try it. The energy changes during different times of the day. Sometimes just feeling that different energy shift is all it takes for me to kick it into high gear. For example, I personally prefer a mid-morning workout when it’s quiet. On days where I switch it up and go during rush hour, I definitely feel the extra bolt of energy and it motivates me in a different way.

Torrie Wilson

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