Jun 02 2013
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Tuesday, June 02, 2009 was the follow up show of the premiere. Episode two started off with a brief recap of the night before and gave the results of the Trauma Tank, the first challenge the contestants competed in for their team’s immunity. Despite Torrie being the last female to endure the spiders, snakes, tarantulas, cockroaches and various other creatures, it was the males: Sanjaya and Steven Baldwin who out lasted the females to win their team immunity. The contestants headed back to camp for their second night in the jungle. The next morning, Speidi nominated themselves to compete in the next challenge to see which team would get a good meal that night even though the whole camp was not in agreement. Spencer ended up beating Heidi with 2 stars to 1 when they went into the Lost Chamber, total darkness of various critters.

After that, Spencer continued his rampage as he did the day before calling everyone else losers, saying he was the richest, more famous celebrity etc. etc. and he didn’t care if any of them ate. He was going to win blah blah blah, the guy is insane and showed that various times during the first 2 episodes! Mid way through, Speidi announced they were quitting for good and hugged everyone then Spencer got baptized in the dirty jungle water…… then the two said farewell and seemed to really be gone for good this time after the millionth time saying they were leaving! The camp, along with Torrie, seemed happy they were really gone! The episode ended with the live voting of either Angela, Frances, Janice or Torrie to stay in the jungle. Patty was saved. Results would be revealed on Episode 4 to see which 3 of the 4 females stayed or went home.

Tune into Episode 3 on June 3rd! Absolutely NO peeking at future episodes! Hehe, stay tuned!

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