Jun 08 2013
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Monday, June 08, 2009 was Episode 5 of the series. It started off with a brief recap of the previous week. It is immediately revealed that Speidi did indeed spend a night in the Lost Chamber and would be taken back to camp. They immediately start with their unusual antics and born again talk. The drama also immediately ensues with those two and the camp. It was also revealed that Frances missed her best friend Angela who was voted off last week and decided she would be going as well. Patty also opened up about her struggles. Sanjaya and Janice were chosen to do the next food trial inside a Flash Flood tank, having to unlock themselves as the water rises and creepy creatures as well. Sanjaya won and the girls lose the good meal again! Back at camp, Janice delivers the drama and then Heidi gets sick and is taken to the hospital. Her and Spencer then officially leave the show this time for good! Or do they? They’ve been known to come back a time or two! Haha!

The remaining contestants head to Jungle Joe’s for the next leadership trial. Torrie isn’t able to attempt to eat her bug and many others can’t either so Lou is re-elected as camp leader for a second week! After the trial, the camp gets serious and emotional as they talk about the charities they are competing for. Torrie tears up through much of it as she also does when talking about the Disabled Americans Veterans charity that she is playing for and talks about her experience during WWE when visiting the troops. The night ends as the remaining contestants take part in the immunity trial for the week, every one for themselves, the Hang Tough trial is being held as the night ends and hints that a new person may be joining camp next time is given. This episode was a two hour special and there wasn’t a show on the 9th as something else was airing so tune into Episode 6 on June 10th, another 2 hour special! Absolutely NO peeking at future episodes! Hehe, stay tuned!

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