Jun 15 2013
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Monday, June 15, 2009 was Episode 8 of the series. It started off with a brief recap of the last few weeks. In went to camp drama as Daniel left with Janice and the rest of camp. Things especially got heated for John and Janice but seemed to make up the next day. The camp talks about dealing with being in the public eye. Torrie and Patti and Lou and John are chosen for the luxury trial called Walk the Plank where each team member had to crank a plank that had the other team member standing on it and whoever fell first, lost. The girls won and were treated to a nice massage! Janice breaks down to Lou and then the camp goes on a scavenger hunt. They won the hunt and were treated to smores! The camp then settles down for dinner and talk nicely with each other for what seems like the first time in a while during dinner time.

Sanjaya and Torrie were chosen to take part in the next food trial, the Tunnel of Terror where they had to go in a tunnel filled with creatures to receive the most stars. Sanjaya won by one star! Boys get to eat a good meal that night. Janice wasn’t feeling well and was taken to get medical attention. Crew members rid the camp of SNAKES during the night! It was revealed that a new camp leader will be crowned then. The camp took part in a trivia series to vote for the next leader. John wins. At camp that night they tell who their closest friend in camp is. This episode ends with the hosts saying that bad thunderstorms were causing a delay in the next immunity trial that would take place on the next episode! Tune into Episode 9 on June 16th as the series continues in week 3! Absolutely NO peeking at future episodes! Hehe, stay tuned!

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