Jun 16 2013
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009 was Epiosde 9 of the series. It started off with a brief recap of the previous night. They announced voting will open at the end of the show and two will be going home on Thursday. The immunity trial is set to take place as well as the next food trial with snakes! New leader John is laying down the law and the camp doesn’t seem thrilled but before things got too serious, the camp takes part in a fun video shoot of their own with a slasher film! Lou who is an actor directed the scenes with all the camp members. Torrie and Lou were chosen for the food trial called Snake Strike where they had to collect stars inside a tank filled with 35 various snakes! Torrie unfortunately lost by a few seconds and the boys get to eat again! : ( The girls try to make Torrie feel better about losing and Lou praises her competitive spirit and will to win.

Later in camp, Sanjaya’s sexuality is questioned haha… he says he may not be attracted to some of the girls in camp but Torrie is a different story… haha she says nice try. At the immunity trial they had to hold a box up with a poll or get slimed. Torrie got a fit of giggles and fell second. Lou wins again… The camp was treated to popcorn and their slasher film made earlier in the day. Steven joked that the best scream goes to Torrie who laughed when she saw her part! At dinner, Sanjaya gets on the camp’s bad side after repeatedly singing. Later, John is faced with a “tough” decision as camp leader to pick another person to have immunity from elimination on Thursday. He picks himself. So John and Lou are guaranteed to be in the final week. Two will leave on Thursday. Tune into Episode 10 on June 17th as the series continues in week 3! Absolutely NO peeking at future episodes!

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