Jun 22 2013
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Monday, June 22, 2009 was Episode 12 of the series. It started off with a brief recap of the previous week, a look at this week and the finale. The camp seems thrilled that Janice left last week and are at peace. It is revealed one celebrity will leave tonight after a trial elimination. Stephen tells them he wanted to go home. The next morning, Lou & Patti are bitten by spiders. The camp questions Stephen’s reasons for leaving and if he really will. Stephen eventually does leave, the camp is shocked. Storms move in & they huddle in a small area and make up a story after being bored. With Stephen leaving, the camp gets to pick either Holly or Janice to come back. Both ladies plead their case and the camp has a tough decision to make. The 5 remaining camp members vote to let Holly return. “Sanjolly” is back with their loving “friendship”. Haha. Next up is the food trial called Head of Horror. Torrie competed against Lou. He won and then won the overall competition. Torrie seemed frustrated that he keeps beating her by just a few seconds. Back at camp, they weigh themselves to see how much they’ve lost in 21 days.

Torrie’s original weight was 132 lbs and her new weigh in was 139 lbs, gaining 7 lbs when the rest of the camp was losing 10 and 20 lbs. The camp thinks it’s because she is pretty muscular and has more time to work out and has gained more muscle mass over the course of the time there. The camp seemed to enjoy watching Lou eat his big delicious cheeseburger. The camp looks through John’s luxury item, his camera, at pictures he took during the time so far. The next day is Father’s Day and Lou and John are feeling down. They then get to call home and talk with their family. Next up is the Last Chance Saloon and one member will not return. Holly who was voted off last week must fight for her chance to stay and the other with the lowest vote, John Salley would also compete against her to stay. John won, although Holly was very competitive. As the show is about to end, voting is announced and the camp is sitting around the fire talking about their competitors. The hosts announce two will go home tomorrow night leaving 3 for the finale on Wednesday. The 5 members tell America why they should vote for them. Tune into Episode 13 on June 23rd as the series continues in week 4! There’s only two episodes left of the series!

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