Jun 23 2013
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009 was Episode 13 of the series. It started off with a brief recap of the previous weeks and the previous night. The camp is remembering their time there and talking about their favorite moments. Torrie’s favorite was playing volleyball with the guys because it reminded her of her brothers and how much she laughed. The camp gets good news from Colgate to brush their teeth haha. The next food trial takes place, catch a falling star where they had to zip across a line over water to get flags. Torrie has a hard time and cries as she starts but John helps her through it til the end. John and Sanjaya win. At camp they get awards and give out awards. Torrie gets the award for Not Just A Pretty Face and has fun with Janice’s award. The host comes in and announces voting results. He tells Torrie, Lou and John that they are safe and that Patti and Sanjaya will be going home. The camp says good bye to them and watch good bye messages. Torrie, Lou and John all say why they are going to win as the show ends. Tune into Episode 14 on June 24th as the series heads to its finale!

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