Jun 27 2013
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In light of a recent WWE Divas storyline taking place between current Divas AJ and Kaitlyn, WWE.com ran a gallery of previous Divas rivalries that they entitled “Most Heated Diva Rivalries”. Torrie was included with her heated rivalry with Candice Michelle back in 2006. Check out the photos that accompanied the rivalry plus some of the recent other feature photos WWE has put up like the Best PPV Posters and a few photos of Torrie from other alumni Diva profiles.

Do you agree that Candice was Torrie’s Most Heated Rivalry? We ran a poll last year asking your favorite Torrie feud that is an archive now, but you can still vote in it, but currently the results of that poll have visitors voting Torrie’s feud with Sable from 2003-2004 as their favorite Torrie feud with 31% of the votes just 5 votes ahead of her feud with Dawn Marie from 2002-2005 with 30% of the votes, then her feud with Stacy from 2001-2004 at 18%, then Candice at 15% and lastly Victoria from 2006-2007 at 6%. You can have your favorite but which was the most HEATED?

Remember to think back at what happened during them. Stacy was Torre’s BFF in the WWE and then turned on her having some of the most outrageous matches and segments ever. Dawn harassed Torrie for years, even pretend married her father, hit her at his pretend funeral, among other things that got a little out of hand. Sable rained on Torrie’s Playboy parade and did everything she could to outshine Torrie, who can forget their many bikini battles? Then Candice and Victoria both turned on their BFF Torrie in a jealous rage and the two made Torrie’s final days a bit like hell in WWE. So which of them do you think was her most heated? These were probably her most notable ones but runner up is her rivalry with Nidia! Torrie had many battles with others as well in the WWE. You decide! Vote below to get your voice heard!

*** As far as an update on Torrie, she has been posting quotes on social media so she is around. I should have some more things to update you on about her soon. Also, in site news, Summer Sizzler returns this July as well as Torrie’s 38th birthday!

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