Nov 09 2013
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Here are a series of Torrie’s social media updates this week! These are the only updates since our last post on 11/03. She made two tweets on Twitter, a quote on the 7th and a great shopping bargain on the 9th. She posted the same two posts on Facebook. On Instagram, she posted two workout photos with some fitness inspiration on the 5th and the 9th as well as her hot Thursday night (and Stewie’s too) on the 7th where she got a new do!

11/05: Morning cardio done & it feels so good! Come on guy’ can do it! If you want to shed a few pounds quick..then wake right up & hit the stairs (or do any cardio) for 30 min on an empty stomach. Of course, you have to be watching your diet too! #morningcardio #gauntletstairs #bloodygreat #getfit #fitness #girlmuscle #strongissexy #healthmatters #GOGETEM!

11/07: “Whatever you do, NEVER give in- and never,never,never give up” – Winston Churchill. Don’t let a challenge knock you down! #greatlifestory

11/07: My hot Thursday night baby! #menarefrommarswomenarefromvenus #makinsomehairrrrchanges #bebacktomorrow #justsharingmynightwithyou #theonlypartofmethatshighmaintenance #Iswear #okdontbelievemeifudontwanttoseeifIcare : )

11/07: Stewie’s HOT night in on Thursday! He is running that poor Christmas bear ragged! #cutestdogever #chihuahua #snugglebunny #handsomefella

11/09: Try this lunge to target your bootayyy! Back foot on a box & try to put all your weight on the heel of the foot on floor. For an added twist..when you go down press the weight you are holding with your hands straight in front of you & work those shoulders out while you’re at it! Do 3 sets of 20 & call me in the mornin! #lunges #workout #fit #getfit #tonethattushy #shakewhatyomamagaveya #nopencillegsallowed #strongissexy

11/09: Words can’t explain how much it thrills me to find a bargain!!! #somuchfun #tjmaxxrocks #thisishowyoudoit

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