Nov 16 2013
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Here are Torrie’s social media updates since our last update on 11/14:

Also on the 15th, Torrie answered a few tweets in addition to my Happy Birthday from her!

When a fan shared a photo of Torrie dressed as John Cena (rapper John) and asked what Torrie was doing in that picture, Torrie responded: “Umm no idea! But guessing I was trying trying to be cool like him!”

When fitness model Gianna Miceli shared a photo of Torrie wearing specific boots and asked where Torrie got them, Torrie responded: “Ralph Lauren! One of my faves : )”

When a fan tweeted support for Torrie’s boyfriend against recent reports circling, Torrie responded: “cheers to that!!!”

When a fan shared a photo of him with Torrie (whom he met at the Mariano Rivera event they both attended last week), Torrie responded: “great to meet you!!!”

Speaking of that event, good ol JR, Jim Ross tweeted to Torrie: “You look better than ever! Hope all’s well. We miss you.” following her posting the photo she took at the event and had posted. Torrie responded back to him: “thanks JR! Miss you!!!”

11/16: Torrie posted a quote photo on Instagram “Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness” with the caption: “This world can be dark & ugly at times…but the people who shine the brightest are those who never let the darkness affect their love of God and inner joy. #shineyourlight #dontletdarknessdimyou #usethedarktoshinebrighter #YOUareastar”

UPDATE 11/17: Torrie posted a photo on Instagram of her with her nephew and boyfriend’s two daughters with the caption: “In the backseat with all my little buddies today! Two birthdays to celebrate! #lovethem #meltmyheart”

UPDATE 11/19: Torrie posted a photo on Instagram of an alligator or crocodile, can’t tell but with the caption: “This guy is a little too close for comfort! But I still leaned over for a pic anyway #handsomefella”

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