Dec 07 2013
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Here are Torrie’s social media updates since our last update on 11/28:

12/04: Admiring my work before hitting the town. #needafewmoreornaments #excusechloehumpingherduck #peppersnewnappingspot

12/06: YES I am an advocate of healthy, clean eating but let me tell you..a treat in MODERATION is my key to staying on track. Being too rigid with food can lead to binge eating & unhealthy attitudes toward food. Having overcome anorexia many years ago, I know. Treat yourself..if you have worked hard & deserve it! LOBSTER CORN DOG was so delicious last night!

12/06: So cool! Amazing what talented ppl can do with spray paint! Lol! Great art!!! #artbasel @stacykeibler

12/07: Appreciating cool art. Amazed by what people can do. #appreciatetalent #gifted #inspiring

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