May 04 2014
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Torrie made a few social media posts this week with an array of adorable photos!

Torrie looks to be back in California full time as she’s been there for the last few months with the exception of some work and family trips. This week, she went to Texas to visit friends!

04/28: Happy Monday you beauties!!! Xx
04/29: The haircut that makes me wanna dance & swing my head! #haircuttuesday #ashbyphenix
Nice parallel parking job there Texas! Lol
I love nights like this. #solitdude #savoringthemoment #instapeace #allme #nowsome2048game
04/30: #wisdomwednesday #livepresent #peaceisnice
05/01: No social media updates from this day.
05/02: Ha get me outta here!!! #HappyFriday #OnMyWayToMeetHawk
05/03: What a lucky gal I am to be Hawk’s first date! #luckyme #HawkTurner
05/04: Just a lil Sunday run & gun show : )

On Saturday night, Torrie tweeted back to a few fans on Twitter! She said her hometown was McCall, Idaho but now lives in Los Angeles, California. She said her religious beliefs were Christian. When asked what the 11 was in her social media accounts, she said no idea, she just like the number but I believe that came from the I’m A Celebrity Show she was on in 2009 because her number was 11 and fans could use social media to vote for her as well. When asked where her favorite churches were she said that she has favorites in California, Texas, New York and Fort Lauderdale, Florida and that she was a traveling gypsy : ) She tweeted a few others who made general comments as well. Check it out on Twitter!

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