Oct 13 2014
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Fan: Queen, are you in Philadelphia for #SmackDown15
Tor: Sorry love, I’m not : (

Fan: Torrie is the true Queen of #SmackDown
Tor: Now there are amazing Divas like Eva Marie #NewCrop

Fan: What are your thoughts on “Bra and Panties” matches.
Tor: I put in my time! Hung up the undies lol
Fan: I know of your retirement. I consider them to be a guilty pleasure myself.
Tor: put a chunk of my time in : )

Fan: Did I hear you got married?
Tor: no sir!
Fan: I’m sorry. Your guy must be crazy not to.
Tor: Don’t be sorry! I’m happy and loving life!
Fan: That’s the best way to be : ) hopefully your guy treats you right and spoils you
Tor: the best : )

Fan: Torrie you are such an inspiration, I love you. The original #Smackdown Covergirl.
Tor: Love you back!

Fan: Thoughts on Angelina Love?
Tor: I will have to get back to you on that ; )

Fan: Which do you like better: Lady Gaga or Katy Perry?
Tor: Tough call! Met both & both super sweet

Fan: Who’s your favorite Disney princess?
Tor: Cinderella

Fan: Are you happy now? :)
Tor: Happy indeed! Life is awesome. Full of gratitude everyday.

Fan: Thoughts on the Bella Twins?
Tor: They are so adorably hot!

Fan: You haven’t aged a bit, tell me your secret!
Tor: I’m aging. We all age at the same time though. And I’m thankful to age… Not everyone gets the chance! Eat healthy, workout!

Fan: How did kissing @VinceMcMahon feel?
Tor: Ummmm nervous!

Fan: What’s your favorite song after a long day?
Tor: THE MAN! Love it

Fan: Since #SmackDown15 is this Friday, what is your favorite moment from the show?
Tor: Too hard to answer! Many good… And embarrassing!

Fan: How are the workouts? What keeps you motivated?
Tor: Fitness is a huge passion. I’m motivated to learn more everyday & motivate others!

Fan: Who’s your favorite current WWE Diva?
Tor: Eva Marie. Something about her!

Fan: Thoughts on @Beyonce?
Tor: Who doesn’t LOVE the queen Bey!

Fan: Do you remember this?
Tor: Haha! Acting skills at their finest!

Fan: Do you like @WWEAJLee?
Tor: She’s charismatic.

Fan: Thoughts on Gail Kim?
Tor: She’s my girl!

Fan: What’s your favorite cardio machine?
Tor: Gauntlet stairs all day

Fan: You look to be in the best shape of your life. Think about your own nutrition book.
Tor: Thank you! Working on it!
Fan: “Get abs with Torrie” A NY Times best seller.
Tor: Perfect!

Fan: How would you describe yourself in only one word?
Tor: Compassionate.

Fan: What’s the best advice that you have ever gotten?
Tor: No regrets. Stay in the moment. Cherish those you love. Be loyal. Help others. Stay positive. Avoid toxic ppl at all costs.

Fan: Thoughts on Summer Rae? I love you and was so sad when you had your last match
Tor: I need to watch more to tell you! But she’s cute! …back surgery will do it!

Tor: Ok love y’all my eyes are getting sleepy! Thanks for the party!

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